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Welcome to the Goshen Middle School Quidditch Page!
The Basics
Quidditch season begins the end of August and runs through the end of October. We will have 4-6 teams depending upon student sign up numbers. Quidditch is open to all middle school students, grades 6-8. It will be two days a week.
What is Quidditch?
From the website: https://www.metro.us/lifestyle/what-is-quidditch-jk-rowling-explains

"Quidditch is a mixed gender contact sport with a unique mix of elements from rugby, dodgeball, and tag," USQ states.

Quidditch involves three types of balls: the Golden Snitch, a quaffle (volleyball, worth 10 points) and bludgers (used to hit opponents).

A team is made up of one seeker who tries to catch the Golden Snitch, a keeper who blocks quaffles from getting through their team’s hoop, three chasers who handle the quaffle and two beaters who handle bludgers.

If a seeker catches the Golden Snitch, this ends the game. (Note: in the Harry Potter version, the Golden Snitch is worth 150 points. In the USQ version — or "Muggle Quidditch" — it's worth 30.) 

Here’s a handy screenshot from the USQ rules page: